Strategic Planning & Business Development

Strategic Organizational Development CT

Strategic Organizational Development CT
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The first step in strategic organizational development is facilitated strategic thinking sessions, creating a multi-year strategic plan along with updating your mission, vision, values and critical success factors. This is followed by developing an annual business plan(s) on a regular cycle.

Developing and revising your annual and multi-year business plans on a regular cycle helps to keep you on point to meet your goals and performance objectives and to make sure your short term business and financial goals are in line with meeting your longer term strategic objectives. The Company is experienced in strategic and business planning, using data analytics, market research, private and publicly available information to uncover issues, identify opportunities, undercover challenges, solve problems, develop new programs and services, set agendas for the future.

Business Development In Healthcare, CT

Business Development In Healthcare
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NLR Group will transform information into feasibility studies, determining next steps including growth opportunities.

Examples of NLR Group’s experience in strategic planning and business development in healthcare include:

  • The strategic planning process which led to the redevelopment of a community hospital campus
  • Expand a major medical center footprint into a suburban location
  • Scenario vignettes based on anticipated market changes
  • Utilize city planning and census data to identify regional population movement, used for service development
  • Develop new off-campus sites, including urgent care centers, physician offices, imaging center, ambulatory surgery center and medical offices, new programs and services needed by the community
  • Expand existing programs with growth potential
  • Identify potential purchasers for a healthcare business venture
  • Medical group/hospital joint ventures
  • Strategy development for a large physician multi-specialty practice
  • Primary care network development
  • Physician recruitment and physician relations program, succession strategy
  • Monitor business planning and performance results against projected budgetary goals
  • Collaborate with clinical and non-clinical stakeholders to develop strategy