Market and Competitive Analyses

Marketing Strategy Development, CT

Marketing Strategy Development
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Strategy must balance long-term direction with the flexibility to react and respond to shorter term market changes. This may require organizational review and shifts from how an organization is doing business.

Market analyses provide a broad overview of your organization’s business environment, taking into account the competition, demographics, economics, payer mix, clinical care and regulations. We project how it will transform going forward, taking into account current trends in the industry coupled with your market readiness. The result is a blueprint of implementable opportunities that will drive investment decisions. This may be taken a step further by developing scenarios and using models to look at strategic trade-offs when assessing business goals.

Examples of NLR Group’s marketing strategy development in CT include:

  • An annual external and internal assessment for senior hospital management and Trustee discussion
  • Conduct competitive analyses
  • Monitor medical staff surplus and deficit supply in region, physician affiliations (employment in a hospital or medical group), physician office locations and practice patterns
  • Nursing recruitment and retention strategy
  • Changed physician behaviors through select data sharing